ECCOTARP - Why is this product different from any other portable bunds available ?  
The rigid panel sides are braced using strong steel cables.  This not only ensures that the tank remains rigid and secure even when filled with liquid but allows the Eccotarp tank to be lifted or dragged with these braces enabling contaminant liquid to be moved to the disposal point.  The steel cable braces can be easily unclipped if drums or other leaking containers need to be stored temporarily

Very strong !

These drums are full, for example the ET175 (175 litre) model will

easily hold 200kgs

The rigid panel sides of the Eccotarp are constructed using PES1  plastic and covered in PVC.  Other bunds are manufactured using just PVC and have no rigidity - they can flop around and bow out when filled with liquid. The sides of the Eccotarp are connected using strong steel clip locks - this is only possible with rigid sides  

When the Eccotarp is empty the panel sides easily fold down 

to allow suspect drums or other containers to be rolled in.

The Eccotarp is resistant to all petroleum based liquids and most

common chemicals.  For highly corrosive chemicals the use of the

disposable chemical insert is recommended.  This insert will

allow longer storage of most chemicals.  For more information see


The Eccotarp has a built in capacity / level indicator. 

The Eccotarp quickly folds for storage.  Simply un-clip the

steel corner braces and corner hooks and fold.  The dimensions

of the Eccotarp when folded for storage are listed in the price list.

The rigid panel sides allow the Eccotarp to be manipulated around obstacles such as wheels to ensure the spill is contained.
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