ECCOTARP - The different sizes available  
There are two versions of the Eccotarp spill containment system: The Standard Eccotarp range & the Cargo Eccotarp range. They share the same construction methods and materials, but the Cargo range has no corner bracing with the steel cables to allow the easy insertion of a pallet Key features: A portable tank for emergency spill containment and decontamination purposes. Suitable for short-term storage of petroleum products and chemicals Resistant to most chemicals (see the chemical resistance list) Steel bracing across each corner for security (on the standard Eccotarp range) when filled and for lifting or dragging the tank. Built-in liquid level indicator Material: PES for internal solid walls, PVC surface, color red All products come with a 2 year gurantee and TÜV SÜD approval For very aggressive chemicals the disposable Eccotarp chemical insert is required - see here All Eccotarp are supplied complete with a high quality durable case for carrying and storage
Australia & NZ Imported and distributed exclusively by LifeTec Pty Ltd
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Eccotarp model ET175 175 litre Capacity Size 1000 x 1000 x 225mm Weight 6kg Data Sheet Typical applications include: Emergency spill containment for smaller incidents. Small holding tank. Maintenance spill tank.
Eccotarp model ET450 450 litre Capacity 1500 x 1500 x 225mm 12kg Data Sheet Typical applications include: Stage 1 decontamination for Hazmat crews (lower sides means easier access) Larger spill containment tank Small holding tank
Eccotarp model ET900 900 litre Capacity 1500 x 1500 x 425mm 16kg Data Sheet Typical applications include: Stage 1 decontamination for Hazmat crews (higher sides) Large spill containment tank Large holding tank
Eccotarp model ET1600 1600 litre Capacity 2000 x 2000 x 425mm 26kg Data Sheet Typical applications include: Very large spill containment or temporary chemical storage Large holding tank
Eccotarp model CARGO 210C 210 litre Capacity 1240 x 840 x 225mm 6.5kg Cargo Data Sheet Note: No steel cable corner bracing to allow full access to Euro size pallets.; Typical applications include: Emergency storage for leaking containers of hazardous liquids on a pallet while situation resolved. Just-in-case storage for potentially hazardous materials
The shape and size of the CARGO variant has been specially designed for use in industry and transportation. Unlike the red ET spill bunds the CARGO has a different system for collapsing the corners. The corners are not sealed and so the tarp can easily fold around the pallet that can be handled afterwards by pallet-poolers and forklifts. From a small parcel it is possible within a few seconds to assemble a container with a generous capacity of 210 litres (EUR variant), alternatively 300 litres (DP variant).
Note: Larger size (DP Variant) of the Cargo Eccotarp for larger size pallets is on the way.