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Australia & NZ Imported and distributed exclusively by LifeTec Pty Ltd

The new portable multi-function tank for emergency spill containment and stage 1 decontamination

ECCOTARP Chemical Insert All ECCOTARP products are are made from PVC with a special surface treatment, which is resistant to petroleum based substances, chemicals, acids and alkalis. The ECCOTARP collapsible spill bunds are not intended for long- term storage of retrieved spilt liquids.  They were developed first and foremost for rapid use in emergencies, for capturing  hazardous substances immediately before its correct disposal. If it is known that the chemical is particularly aggressive the use of the protective insert is recommended.  This will extend the length of the time the chemical can be contained but also extend the life of your Eccotarp. See the Chemical Resistance table for more information
Protective Insterts for Eccotarps tanks  provides additional tank resistance to aggressive chemicals ETPI 175 Protective Insert for ET175 $150 + gst ETPI 450 Protective Insert for ET450 $215 + gst ETPI 217 Protective Insert for ET210C & ET210CL $160 + gst